89% of New Zealanders agree that tourism is positive for the country

 Friday, July 21, 2023

Around 89 per cent of New Zealanders approve that tourism is positive for the country, increasing 83 per
cent compared to a year before, as per a new study. The research exhibits that there is healthy response among New Zealanders concerning tourism’s productive influence on the economy, which stands at 92 per cent.

Fewer New Zealanders are now seeing the standard of tourism in their community as being substantially high equated to November last year. There are still an astonishing 37 per cent of inhabitants who would desire to see a lot concerning tourism in their communities, said Peeni Henare, the tourism minister of New Zealand.

Henare said that communities know that tourism delivers employment and also that it can clearly
influence social welfare and association with tradition.

Some New Zealanders consider that there are undesirable impacts when it comes to tourism, mostly
concerning precise things that influence them like traffic jamming and influences on the surroundings.

Creativities like ‘Care for New Zealand’ encourage accountable and benign travel conduct and
enthusiastically inspires global and local tourists to get familiar with the country in a way that keeps each
person secured, safeguards the surroundings and compliments the culture, said Henare.

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