After COVID, Americans rush to Europe’s hotspots

 Thursday, July 6, 2023

As the hold of pandemic fades gradually, the tourism of Europe is going through an extraordinary change.

Once empty streets have now created ways to busy landmarks, perked up by a huge rise in visitors from America.

American tourists to Europe compared to 2022, have risen in numbers by 55%. This set new records. 

Airlines are also planning to improve the condition by creating new options to make trips to Europe more reasonably priced for all passengers.

London, Paris, and Rome at present are fully crowded with tourists, in absolute opposite to the vacant paved streets seen in the recent lockdown times.

To find the way through the rush, tourists are taking on ground-breaking approaches like going on board on Vespa sidecar tours.

The founder of Vespa Sidecar Tour, Luca Di Trappano, said that this year’s rise in crowds surpasses everything that he has seen erstwhile.

To local businesses, the rise in tourism is bringing respite that turned off the major impact of pandemic.  

The head of hotel association of Rome, Giuseppe Roscioli, witnesses a huge rise in tourism as a magic moment after experiencing almost complete close down of three years of hotels.

Room prices in response to the huge rise in demand have hugely increased in Rome by 20%, followed by London by 30% and in Paris by 50% respectively. 

Though, not each and every tourist is bringing positive attention.

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