Greece: Airlines and holiday firms mobilise to bring back stranded tourists

 Monday, July 24, 2023

Following the horrific flames that have raged on the Greek island of Rhodes, British holidaymakers have been trapped and face a dreadful scenario. People have been forced to seek refuge in improvised lodgings, such as sports halls, conference centres, and even on the streets, while hotels have been evacuated. The situation has deteriorated to the point that many people are in need of basic goods and services.

Airlines and vacation companies are mobilising in reaction to the issue to bring back trapped British holidaymakers. EasyJet is running two repatriation flights on Monday and one on Tuesday, with a total of 421 seats available to remove visitors. Jet2, and TUI are sending planes to transport its passengers back to safety.

However, the evacuation procedure is proving difficult, with limited housing space and an increasing number of stranded visitors requesting aid. People are returning to the United Kingdom and reporting the turmoil they encountered while fleeing the fires. One traveller characterised the airport scene as “carnage,” emphasising the gravity of the situation.

In the midst of the chaos, the Foreign Office has sent a quick deployment team and Red Cross employees to help British citizens and travel operators on the ground. Their presence is intended to give much-needed assistance to individuals impacted by the wildfires, as well as to assure their safe return.

The Greek fire department has issued concerns that the situation might deteriorate as more settlements are evacuated. The flames have already resulted in the country’s worst wildfire evacuation in history, with about 19,000 people having to escape the impacted districts.

As planes continue to fly to the island, some incoming customers have been surprised to discover that their hotels have already been evacuated, putting them in a hazardous situation. Despite the current situation, British Airways flights to Rhodes continue to operate, with the company extending flexibility to clients who need to return early or desire to postpone their trip.

With EasyJet, Jet2, British Airways, Thomas Cook, and TUI attempting to handle the problem, the focus is now on securely repatriating stranded travellers and offering assistance to those affected. The evacuation procedure is definitely difficult, but the quick response of the travel firms tries to lessen the anxiety of British people caught up in this unfolding crisis.

The Greek authorities and emergency services are working around the clock to put out the flames and safeguard the affected populations. With the heatwave expected to persist, the situation remains unpredictable, and the focus remains maintaining the safety and well-being of people affected by the current natural catastrophe.

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