An unexplored gem for tourism in Southeast Asia – Vietnam

 Monday, July 10, 2023

The picturesque country in the Southeast Asian region Vietnam has made quite a reputation as a popular tourist spot. With the volume of arriving tourists increasing on a yearly basis, the demand for Vietnam as a tourist spot has skyrocketed! From lush landscapes, to breezy beaches along with the mesmerizing rice terraces- The tourists have a long list of places to visit in Vietnam.

According to a report of search results by Google Destination Insights, between the month of March and
June, Vietnam rose up to the seventh place in the list of most sought-after tourist places. Furthermore,
throughout the countries in Southeast Asia region, Vietnam is the only one to bag the position in top

The rising number of travellers and tourists is the sheer proof of the rapidly increasing popularity of Vietnam as a tourist hub. In the month of June, it was declared by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism that Vietnam was being flocked by more than five and a half million travellers, as shown in the half year report of 2023.

It is being predicted that the tourist sector of Vietnam will witness more influx has set a goal of 8 million
visitors for the second half of 2023. The numbers may rise up to 10 million as well, as stated by tourism

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