Arizona tourism registers post-pandemic high last year

 Wednesday, July 26, 2023

With tourism expenditure exceeding $28 billion, Arizona tourism hit post-pandemic high last year.

According to the Arizona Office of Tourism, travellers spent around $77 million each day in the state last year.

Visitor expenditure surged by about 20% over 2021, approaching the highest year ever for tourism measures across the state since 2019.

According to Josh Coddington of the Office of Tourism, Arizona is quite popular for its outdoor activities.

That’s one thing that people come to this state for all the time, he said. The hiking opportunities, camping even!

He claims that there are well-known attractions, such as the Grand Canyon, as well as smaller local attractions.

Tucson and Southern Arizona have the majority of Arizona’s wine regions, so those are popular, he said.

Of course there’s culinary, food. Everybody knows Tucson is amazing for food.

Tourism is one of Arizona’s principal economic drivers, and all major tourism data metrics, including overnight visits, tourist spending, taxes paid, employment produced, and tourism salaries, increased over the previous year.

According to the analysis, Arizona tourism tax revenues from federal, state, and local taxes produced approximately $4 billion in 2022 to fund services such as health care, public safety, and transportation.

Pima County supplied nearly half of that total.

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