Asia Pacific Gen Z and Millennials intend to holiday closer to Home

 Monday, July 3, 2023

A regional survey by global luxury hospitality leader Marriott International has coined a term to describe a new generation of travelers set to disrupt the industry over the next few years.

‘Native Explorers’ recognizes a tribe of affluent millennial and Gen Z travelers in Asia Pacific who are bucking the trend by traveling in reverse order to generations before them.

While their predecessors may be saving up for more costly long–haul later in life, Native Explorers are already well–traveled at a younger age, with one in four notching up no less than two continents outside of Asia Pacific by the time they hit 26.

Despite having the means, Native Explorers claim they will be spending their travel dollars closer to home for at least the next two years, as 85% believe that they have yet to fully discover all regions have to offer.

A global leader in luxury hospitality, Marriott International today operates nearly 500 luxury hotels and resorts in 68 countries and territories, including 159 properties presently in Asia Pacific.

The region contributes half of the company’s global development pipeline of nearly 200 luxury properties.

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