At popular destinations in France, government is limiting tourism

 Tuesday, July 18, 2023

If a holiday to Europe is a part of any of your plans for the summer, you might want to understand this before you buy purchase tickets. As restrictions related to travel have been raised since pandemic, many people have started exploring places and take that much-needed rest and relaxation over there.

If we look at France in particular, the country has witnessed a major rise in tourist numbers since the pandemic, so much so that its government is in fact requesting the locals to stop going to some natural places within the country.

France’s minister of tourism, Olivia Grégoire, said to Le Figaro, the French newspaper, saying that the huge flow of people at some of the most popular spots of France were creating issues to the surroundings, the quality of life for the locals and the experiences for its visitors.

As you’d consider that for economy, the sector would be a good thing, the huge rush of crowds have not boosted the economy, as tourists at these locations may only hang about for a short period of time without spending much in various local eateries or hotels. However, to fragile ecosystems, over tourism has proved quite destructive, deteriorating soil and the roots and wildlife.

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