Australia witnesses 3,75,500 tourists from India till May end

 Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Australia witnessed 3,75,500 tourists from India during the 12-month time ending May this year, exceeding the standards before the pandemic. This route is expected to linger and surpass the 4,00,000 number in traveler movement by the end of the year, said Tourism Australia.

The rising figures have made India the fourth-largest incoming tourism market for Australia. Depending on a 16 per cent per capita upsurge in earnings in the course of the fiscal year ending March 2023, Indians are much on payback expenditure, indulging on everything from first-class homes to extravagant cars, global travel and high-end hotels among others. Indian tourists to Australia expended about Rs. 11,000 crore this year, listing a 16% upsurge equated to 2019.

Travel has turned to be a lifestyle tendency among Indians, said Nishant Kashikar, Tourism Australia’s
country manager for India. Non-stop flights on the India-Australia course have more than multiplied by
three to 22 every week contrasted with 7 flights every week before the pandemic. Moving forth, Kashikar said that this number is expected to increase to 25 flights every week by October this year. He said that there has been a 30–40 per cent upsurge in air charges for the course from the time of 2019.

Curiously, a non-stop flight from Mumbai to Australia endures to dodge the flight map because of an absence of demand from cities adjoining the financial capital.

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