Bali mulls mountain-climbing ban to curb indecent behaviour by tourists

 Wednesday, July 19, 2023

In its latest crackdown on misbehaving visitors, Bali has suggested a ban on mountain climbing.The planned prohibition is part of Bali Governor Wayan Koster’s aim to reduce debauchery on the island.

Following a string of rude occurrences involving nudity, visitors may now be refused entry to sunrise hikes on Mount Batur and 21 other summits.

According to CNN, Koster announced the mountain-climbing ban with “immediate effect” at a news conference on May 31. The prohibition is said to apply to both inhabitants and visitors, except during religious activities.

Under Koster’s suggestion, tourists visiting Bali might soon be given instructions on how to dress modestly and conduct responsibly at holy areas.

However, tourism minister SandiagaUnoi subsequently stated that the plan was still under consideration and would need to be authorized by the local government, according to the UK publication The Independent.

A Russian influencer was deported last year after posing nude on a historic holy tree. Another traveler was detained in March when a semi-naked photo of him on Mount Agung went viral.

In June, a mountain hiking trip operator told National Geographic that he had not yet noticed any changes on the terrain.

Other steps to limit harmful and rude visitor behavior have already been implemented on the island.
Following a string of traffic violations by foreigners, officials stopped visitors from hiring motorcycles earlier this year. Instead, visitors are now urged to hire vehicles.

However, controversial plans to outlaw extramarital sex in Indonesia will not apply to foreigners.

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