Bali to launch a new tourism tax next year

 Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Governor of Bali Wayan Koster declared last week that he would be launching a tourism tax next year.

This move was on the cards some time and the provincial administration has officially started the
procedure of generating the statutory changes essential for implementing a tourist levy.

However, some people are not very pleased regarding this move. 

Speaking at the regional capital of Denpasar on the 12th of this month, Governor Koster established that the long-awaited tourism levy would be presented next year.

In his talking, Koster delineated the details regarding why he and his management feel that this is the best choice in the long run. 

The Governor affirmed that the draft provincial rule on fees for overseas travelers to the Bali DPRD has been submitted.

The judicial alterations, once signed off, will allow the local administration to apply a localized levy on all
overseas entrances to Bali, whether by flight or sea. 

Governor Koster added that this new levy would be utilized for backing the oppression of Balinese values
and natural backdrops.

He said that Bali’s nature has turned to be a chief nationwide and global tourism

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