Caviar and cocktails: Simplon – Orient – Express initiates new route

 Tuesday, July 4, 2023

The original icon of the rails, Venice Simplon – Orient Express, A Belmond Train, Europe, unveils four new winter journeys between Paris and the French Alps.

Launching in December 2023, the blue – and – gold carriages will glide through some of France’s most untouched countryside and up to the alpine train stations of Albertville.

One of the original birthplaces of luxury winter tourism, the French Alps are internationally regarded as the gold standard of ski destinations, with their picture–perfect peaks, slopes catering to all competency levels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and alpine chic bars.

Next year, eight new Suites will elevate the Venice Simplon – Orient – Express existing accommodation with four different designs reflecting the ever–changing European landscape La Campagne (the countryside), Les Montagnes (the mountains)., Les Lacs (the lakes) and La Foret (the forest).

The new Suites are the result of an attentive and respectful restoration of two original carriages by French craftsmen and designers, who have reimagined the spaces whilst maintaining their golden era of travel look and feel.

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