‘Celebrating Hong Kong’s Return to the Motherland’ held at Victoria Park

 Saturday, July 15, 2023

Throughout the latest occasion of ‘Celebrating Hong Kong’s Return to the Motherland’ organised at Victoria Park, Hong Kong, the ‘Shenhe Elements’ of the traditional tourism sector of Shenhe district in
Shenyang City captured a lot of responsiveness.

Held this year from June 30 to July 2, for commemorating the 26th anniversary of Hong Kong’s
coming back to the homeland, Hong Kong Celebrations Association held this occurrence of festivity at Victoria Park.

Throughout the event, intangible traditional inheritance projects from Shenhe district like sugar figures,
pyrography along with fruit pit carving, brilliantly highlighted the eminent features of the celebrated city
with ancient appeal of Shenhe district. Native inhabitants exhibited a lot of fondness and eagerness
for the Shenhe Elements, said the publicity division of Shenhe district.

Shenhe district, positioned in the central part of Shenyang, projects its ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ power in the
traditional tourism sector. It claims cultural tourism expansion carriers like the Shenyang Palace
Museum, Shengjing Grand Theater and Shenyang Middle Street, serving as a focal point of historic and ethnic heritage in Northeast China. Furthermore, it plays an important role as a regional traditional and
inventive hub, a nationwide base of cultural trade, and an all-inclusive pilot zone for intensifying the launching of the nationwide service sector.

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