Chat GPT and its relevance in advancing the future of tourism

 Monday, July 10, 2023

Renowned Entrepreneur Max Elmann Arazi has recently shared his viewpoint on how the usage of artificial intelligence tools is going to influence and impact the promotion tourism, in the upcoming days. As per Arazi, the fact that all the levels of Mexican tourism are going to profit from AI, is a considerable feat.

In a world where technology has become an inseparable part in the life of mankind, the tourism sector of Mexico has recently got a new technological ally which will become instrumental in the betterment of tourism experience, and also improving tourism service management. This technological ally is none
other than – Chat GPT.

In a nutshell, Chat GPT is an AI tool which is designed with the objective of enacting conversations and giving apt answers to queries, just like a regular conversation between two humans. As per the experience of many tourists, one of the biggest obstacles they face in Mexico is the struggle to get correct and latest
information about the places they wish to visit, activities they wish to perform and several other travel-
related facilities.

According to Arazi, tourists will now be able to have solutions to the above mentioned problems, thanks to the quick, accurate, detailed answers and user-friendly experience of Chat GPT.

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