Chinese tourists set afoot in Brunei, after 3 years

 Tuesday, July 4, 2023

The tourism department of Brunei, along with the Chinese embassy had conducted a cordial welcome ceremony at the international airport in Brunei, as they witnessed the arrival of tourists coming from China. Their arrival not only brought a breath of fresh air to Brunei tourism, but it also re-established
the flight connection between the two countries that had been severed three years back.

Dayang Salinah from Brunei’s Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, has reportedly stated that the arrival of tourists will provide the much needed boost to the tourism industry in Brunei. Hence, the arrival of tourists marks an onset of tourism as well as revenue boost. As per the reports from Tourism Development Department, China is one of the top five placeholders whose resident’s frequent Brunei.

Data records of overall tourist visits from the past years have shown a substantial portion of the visitors to be coming from China. The arrival of tourists after three years should therefore have a promising impact on tourism, and in turn, uplift the generation of tourism revenue in Brunei. Both China and Brunei are looking forward to strengthening their collaboration and thereby overcoming the tourism drawbacks
that Brunei had faced in the past years.

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