Croatia’s tourism sector going back to pre-pandemic levels

 Thursday, August 10, 2023

Croatia’s tourism sectoris gradually going back to the levels before the pandemic. As per NikolinaBrnjac, the Croatian Minister of Tourism and Sports, the tourism sector of Croatia is getting back on trackand reaching the levels before the pandemicwith the nationhavingwitnessing around 12.5 million entrances and 63 million overnight sojourns as of Sunday.

Majority oftouriststend to spend their outings in tourist attractions like Dubrovnik, Split,Zadar and Rovinj. In the interim, Zagreb, the capital ofCroatia is also enticingtourists to a greater extent. Statistics reveal that in the past seven months of this year, Zagreb recorded 25 percent additionalentrancescompared to the equivalenttimein 2022.

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