Economists hope for Chinese visitors boost Malaysia tourism

 Thursday, July 6, 2023

The economists of Malaysia have predicted about the possible growth and development of Chinese tourists to improve the tourism industry of Southeast Asia.

PublicInvest Research stated that in its recent report that it hopes China to add to the revival process of the world tourism including Malaysia.

As per the research house, the rebirth of the tourists from China will serve up as a major encouraging feature for the ASEAN region, with a gradual recuperation route.

It is to be noted that the total number of visitors going to Asean countries has yet to exceed levels of the pre-pandemic times.

As the Chinese government itself has dynamically heartened up tourism, the research house observed that the buildup of passport and visa renewals is considerable, demanding a substantial amount of time to be cleared.

It is also hoped that the arrivals of tourists might not exceed the preceding height that as recorded in 2019 in the anticipation of at least the first half of the coming year.

Also, PublicInvest Research said that in the first quarter, the reopening of China has given way to an extraordinary invasion of almost 178,150 tourists from China to Malaysia, a bleak difference to the scanty count of almost 1,900 visitors in the consequent period in the preceding year.

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