Egypt considers increasing eco-tourism

 Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Yasmine Fouad, the Minister of Environment in Egypt and Ahmed Issa, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities held a discussion regarding ways to increase collaboration between the two departments for supporting the ecological and sustainable tourism goods and normalizing happenings in natural reserves.

The meeting also deliberated on ways to develop combined efforts to incorporate the ecological aspect in the tourism segment in Egypt, besides devices to deal with and restrict poaching actions, remove any erroneous activities, and spread ecologically welcoming deeds that add to renovating the competence of the ecology.

In the meeting, Fouad revised the most significant downsizes of the Ministry of Environment’s efforts toward developing nature reserves, elevate the excellence of facilities delivered, and assimilate the adjacent communities.

Fouad clarified that her department has devoted a lot of energies in the area of eco-tourism in the course of the previous four years, where a cluster of illustrious representations were exhibited, comprising adventure
tourism. The ministry has functioned to increase the competence and progression of 9 natural reserves that have been advanced.

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