Fake video campaign has no impact on tourist flow

 Monday, July 10, 2023

For tourism stakeholders in Philippines, its business as on Sunday, they emphasized that the disagreement over the new branding campaign of the Department of Tourism did not impact travelers’ interest to come to this country.

The president of the Philippine Tour Operators’ Association, Fe Abling-Yu, said in a recent radio interview that tourists from abroad kept on flocking to the country in spite of the mess that was created around the Love the Philippines campaign, followed by extensive anger and made headlines in foreign media after it was discovered that a promotional video of Philippines made use of stock footage in terms of tourist destinations of other foreign locations.

As tourism slogans someway helped in their efforts related to tourism, Abling-Yu said Philtoa did not depended on the new slogan that much.

She said that they can do it from their end, from the private sector, but of course, the target of DOT is to encourage tourism to everyone. Also, President Marcos has talked about that contracting with the advertising agency got terminated and the matter is being examined thoroughly.

When questioned if there were travelers or tourist groups who said no to their scheduled trips to the Philippines after the video brouhaha, Abling-Yu said that nothing of that sort happened.

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