Gulmarg attracts tourists with lupine blooms

 Tuesday, July 18, 2023

At present, Gulmarg is fast turning into a must-visit-place for every social media enthusiast for varied reasons.

The exotic Lupine bloom is currently taking the social media by storm as hundreds of tourists on an everyday basis is visiting Gulmarg to witness the widespread blanket of Lupine flowers.

With a myriad of Lupine shades, these days the hills have got modified into dreamlike scenery starting right from profound purples and blues to soft whites and pink shades.  This occurrence has attracted the nature enthusiasts, travelers, photographers and anyone’s attention who loves nature from across India.

At present, on new social media trend has come up in which influencers and lovers of nature capture the photos of purple and pink Lupines and share in their social media to attract more views and likes.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at this moment are flooded with eye- catching images of the Lupine-covered landscapes of Gulmarg.

Also, the hashtag has come into vogue like #LupineGulmarg has gained major traction, with thousands of social media posts seizing the essence of this flowery heaven.

Aamir Majeed on Instagram said that many a times, he has been to Gulmarg but never knew that Lupines look so amazing and is such a piece of paradise.

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