In 2023, Portugal will raise its contribution to the GDP of 56,400 million euros

 Thursday, July 20, 2023


According to the Economic Impact Research Report by the WTTC, the sector in 2023 is hoped to generate almost 30,000 job opportunity.

In this way, it will reach 950,000 workers and leaving only 68,000 jobs lower the level of 2019 of just over a million.

According to the forecast of the global tourism entity, the sector by 2033 will raise its contribution to the GDP of 56,400 million euros, representing over a fifth of the Portuguese financial system.

The travel and tourism over the next decade has a chance to make use of over 1.2 million people all over the country, with one in four people associated with the sector.

The contribution of travel and tourism last year to the GDP has increased by 61.6%. It reached almost 38,000 euros.

This represented 15.8% of the Portuguese financial system, with the sector generating 83,000 more job opportunities compared to the year before.

As per the recent report of WTTC, tourism has by now revived over 90% of the jib level of the pre-pandemic times.

The 2022 witnessed the homecoming of foreign tourists to Portugal, with Spain showing 16%, followed by France with 12%, then the United Kingdom with around 11% and Germany and the USA, both with 8%

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