In Negros, tourism expert sees new possibility

 Thursday, July 13, 2023

Recently, the Negros Oriental Tourism Board has been given responsibility to recognize new destinations with huge potential for local as well as foreign tourists coming to this part of the Central Visayas region.

On Wednesday, Tourism Board Executive Director, Woodrow Maquiling Jr., said that the program is in alignment with Governor Manuel – Chaco Sagarbarria’s campaign to grow the tourism industry of the province.

Maquiling said that the governor will tell his management to build up new programs related to tourism mainly in the northern part of the province, especially in the first district.

He also mentioned that the provincial government is keen to make sure that tourism development in the province is not restricted in the second and third districts.

Lately, at a meeting of the tourism stakeholders, Maquiling said that a number of quarters emphasized anxieties about why the first district wasn’t given that importance in the tourism promotions program of the province.

Maquiling explained that there are countless possibilities in Negros Oriental.

These are yet to be explored and so they are interested at the way they can in fact bring them into action in the tourism.

The tourism official on Thursday and Friday stated that for an ocular inspection, he will lead a team with travel guides and tour operators.

Photo Credit: visitnegrosoriental

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