Increasing summer heat in southern Europe influence tourist conduct

 Thursday, July 20, 2023

Increasing summer temperatures all through southern Europe is expected to influence a long-lasting change in tourist conducts, with more tourists opting for cooler places or embarking on their holidays during spring or autumn to escape from the severe heat, as said by the tourism organizations and specialists.

Data from European Travel Commission (ETC) exhibits that the number of people aiming to visit the
Mediterranean area during June to November has at present declined 10% compared to the year before,
when sweltering heat led to famines and forest fires. Countries like the Czech Republic, Ireland, Denmark
and Bulgaria have in the meantime witnessed a surge in interest.

Miguel Sanz, the chief of the ETC said that they expect that capricious weather circumstances in the coming days will have a larger influence on the choices of tourists in Europe.

As per a report from the trade organization, 7.6% of tourists now view severe weather actions as a major
alarm for journeys amid June and November.

Anita Elshoy and her husband came back to their home to Norway from their desired holiday destination of Vasanello, which is a village in the north of Rome, a week before than scheduled this month with
temperatures touching nearly 35 degree Celsius.

Elshoy said regarding her heat-related indications that she endured a lot of discomfort in her head and legs.

Her fingers swelled up and she turned more and more giddy. She said that she was expected to be in her
destination for two weeks, but they couldn’t do that owing to the heat.

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