Intense heat and humidity continues to scorch in southwestern U.S.

 Monday, July 24, 2023

As the scorching heatwave continues to scorch the southern United States, meteorologists forecast that the high heat and humidity will spread east, reaching cities in the country’s heartland during the final week of July.

While the trend is unlikely to result in widespread record high temperatures like those saw in the Southwest, many places in the Central states may suffer their longest prolonged stretch of heat and humidity this summer.

Temperatures in Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City are expected to be 5-15 degrees Fahrenheit above historical averages. Denver, which has yet to reach triple digits this year, is anticipated to break the 100-degree mark, maybe tying the day record established in 2003. Throughout the week, the heat will spread eastward, resulting in extended periods of 90-degree days for some cities, perhaps recording the longest run of such heat this year.

The Southwest’s monsoon, which usually offers respite, has been noticeably absent, exacerbating the region’s scorching. Phoenix, which is experiencing one of the most extreme heat waves in recorded history, shows no indications of abating in the coming week. While temperatures in the interior Northwest have been in the high 90s to middle 100s, locations such as Boise may see a little relief from the excessive heat by the middle of the week.

The prediction also forecasts that strong thunderstorms and flooding will be less frequent, offering some reprieve from the searing temperatures. As the heat spreads eastward, areas of the Northeast’s Interstate-95 corridor might be affected by the end of the week.

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