Israel struggles to reach pre-pandemic tourism levels

 Friday, July 7, 2023

Israel is finding it tough to go back to the tourism levels before the pandemic, as per the figures presented by the Israeli Tourism Ministry.

In the first part of this year, 1.97 million travellers came to Israel, and spent 11.7 billion shekels (USD
3.16 billion) said the country’s ministry.

However, these numbers are still underneath the equivalent period of 2019, which was a record-setting
year for tourism in Israel.

2019 was also the last complete year of global travel before the pandemic travel constraints started in 2020.

Throughout the first part of 2019, 2.26 million tourists came to Israel. By the end of the year, Israel saw 4.9
million tourists spending 8.46 billion shekels (USD 2.29 billion).

The ministry said that tourism from Ukraine and Russia plunged harshly since Russia attacked Ukraine.

Prior to the war, Russia was the second leading foundation concerning tourism, after the US.

Centered on the present facts, the Israeli ministry aims that 3.9 million travellers will visit by the year end.

Israel Tourism Minister Haim Katz stated that Israel is attractive presenting a treasure of experiences.

He said that he will work to eliminate obstructions for visiting the country, stepping up the speed of constructions and adding housing options, so as to recognize the tourist prospect.

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