It’s time to immerse in an ultra-relaxing experience in New Zealand’s special hot springs

 Tuesday, July 25, 2023

New Zealand is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, and among its natural beauties are hot pools and health spas, which provide a unique and refreshing experience. These therapeutic havens, nestled among scenic settings, provide a hideaway for relaxation and well-being. The country’s geothermal activity endows it with a plethora of hot springs and thermal pools rich in minerals that may soothe hurting muscles and aid recovery.

Visitors may immerse themselves in the warm, mineral-rich waters, allowing the soothing sensations to permeate their bodies and minds. From volcanic hot springs in Rotorua to solitary natural pools in the bush, New Zealand’s hot pools and health spas provide an amazing and joyful retreat, whether you seek peace in the steaming waters, indulge in a relaxing spa treatment, or simply marvel at the pristine beauty.


Rotorua, New Zealand’s geothermal paradise, is famous for its healing hot springs and peaceful leisure options. These geothermal wonders, nestled among stunning surroundings, provide a calm haven. Immerse yourself in mineral-rich, therapeutic waters that will soothe both your body and your spirit. Your problems drift away as you bathe in these natural pools, replaced by a profound sensation of serenity. Sulfur’s energising aroma permeates the air, contributing to the unique experience. The indigenous Maori have revered Rotorua’s hot springs for millennia for their therapeutic abilities. Allow yourself to be seduced by the attraction of these thermal baths and bathe in nature’s warm embrace.

Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa

Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa is the largest spa and wellness complex in the Southern Hemisphere, located on the lakeside in Rotorua’s city core.  Wai Ariki is really a feast for the senses, inspired, curated, and owned by the local iwi, Ngti Whakaue. This one-of-a-kind spa and wellness experience will provide you with a true taste of manaakitanga, the centuries-old and globally recognised Mori idea of welcome manuhiri (visitors).  It offers a luxurious, five-star experience. Wai Ariki is a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat that offers a unique combination of ancient Mor healing practises and modern wellness experiences. Visitors may relax in the mineral-rich hot springs, which are known for their medicinal and relaxing characteristics.

Kerosene Creek

Kerosene watercourse is a bathing and relaxing geothermally heated watercourse. It is 35 minutes’ drive south of Rotorua. Hot water rises from a natural spring beneath the earth and flows into the frigid waters of the stream, creating wonderfully warm water. Swimmers have built hot pools adjacent to the 2m waterfall by stacking tiny smooth pebbles. Kerosene Creek is surrounded by dense native foliage and is popular with both visitors and locals, providing a unique natural swimming experience. There is no admission fee; only be kind to your fellow bathers and take any garbage with you.


Canterbury, in New Zealand’s South Island, has a plethora of hot springs and leisure opportunities. You’ll find geothermal delights that promise to revitalise your senses among the breathtaking scenery.

The area has something for everyone, from natural thermal pools to upscale spa getaways. Dip into warm mineral waters, which are known for their therapeutic characteristics and can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Surround yourself with stunning views and experience unparalleled tranquillity. Whether you’re looking for a calm getaway or an opulent spa day, Christchurch-Canterbury’s hot springs welcome you to relax and let the therapeutic enchantment of geothermal bliss embrace you.

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa:

Indulge in perfect tranquillity and find ultimate calm at Hanmer Springs’ magnificent hot pools in New Zealand. Every thermal water drop is naturally heated and enhanced with a variety of minerals, demonstrating nature’s loving touch. Relax in the velvety-smooth sulphur pools, and enjoy the relaxing currents and natural rock formations of the moderate cascades and pools. Relax your hurting muscles with the water spouts and jets, or simply immerse yourself in the breathtaking mountain panorama while the world goes by. This hot spring is less than two hours from both Christchurch and Kaikura.

He Puna Taimoana

Relax in one of He Puna Taimoana’s five magnificent hot pools while admiring the stunning ocean views.  Do you require rehabilitation? Cool down in the plunge pool or walk into the steam room and enjoy the coastline views from the sauna for ultimate relaxation.

The Sunrise Soak is their most opulent session ever. Sunrise Soak is the epitome of pampering and relaxation, and it’s excellent for a special occasion, a well-deserved indulgence, or a thoughtful gift. Enjoy a 2-hour soak in the pools with endless sunrise views, a luxurious robe to wear, a complimentary mocktail to sip, and an optional guided meditation to calm and refresh you.


Taup, located on the shores of Lake Taup in New Zealand, is a haven of hot springs and leisure. Immerse yourself in the healing delights of nature by visiting the region’s geothermal pools. The mineral-rich waters caress your body, removing tension and revitalising your spirit. Imagine yourself relaxing among stunning scenery, enjoying tranquillity like you’ve never experienced before. Taup offers to all seekers of tranquillity, from opulent hot spring resorts to hidden jewels in the countryside. Allow the relaxing environment of Taup to immerse you in a really restorative getaway as you surrender to the warm embrace of these natural treasures.

Wairakei Terraces and Thermal Health Spa

Taup, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, is only an hour’s journey from Rotorua. Bathe in silica-rich therapeutic waters at the Wairakei Terraces and Thermal Health Spa. The therapeutic properties of the pools at Wairakei Terraces are derived from silica terraces and geothermal water flow from 1.5 km deep, providing an unparalleled combination of geothermal and mineral water. Immerse yourself in the mineral-rich, hot thermal pools at the bottom of silica terraces and enjoy the silky smoothness of your skin and the warmth that spreads throughout your entire body. Water has been shown to help regenerate collagen, strengthen bones, and boost immune.

Before entering the steam, walk around the silica terraces or see a Māori cultural performance.

DeBretts Spa Resort:

The best all-year-round relaxation and leisure destination is DeBretts Spa Resort! There’s something for everyone here, from the mineral waters of the historic Taupo Hot Springs to their modern Living Waters Spa and award-winning Taupo Holiday Park. Inhale the fresh forest air while resting in these outdoor pools with bubbling hydrotherapy zones surrounded by lush landscaping and natural vegetation. There are a variety of spa treatments offered on-site to help you recuperate your mind, body, and soul. The widely regarded full-body thermal mud wrap will envelop you in bliss.

Choose your own Taupo DeBretts experience. Their accomodation options range from luxury hotels to Kiwi favourites including motels, cottages, campers, and campervan/RV sites, all within walking distance of Lake Taupo and a million miles away from worry.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an ultra-relaxing experience in New Zealand’s special hot springs.

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