Job placement in travel industry rises

 Monday, July 24, 2023

According to the most recent data from C&M Travel Recruitment, travel placements in the job market have improved for the second month in a row. While the number of applicants put in new travel positions increased by 3% in June, overall activity levels were lower than in prior years.

There was a large 52 percent drop from June 2022, while there was a 76 percent increase from June 2021, as well as a 30 percent drop from June 2019 and a 50 percent drop from June 2018.

On the other hand, the number of new candidates actively pursuing travel employment decreased by 11% in June, compared to the previous month. However, when compared to prior years, June 2023 values were just 1% lower than June 2022, but they represented an 11% increase over June 2021, a 21% increase over June 2019, and a 16% increase over June 2018.

The development of new employment possibilities in the tourism industry fell by 40% in June, compared to the previous month. Vacancy rates fell by 27% in compared to the same month in 2022. Despite numbers showed a reduction of 28 percent from June 2019 and 29 percent from June 2018, there was a 25 percent improvement from June 2021.

Barbara Kolosinska, the Managing Director at C&M Travel Recruitment, expressed her satisfaction with the rise in the number of candidates being placed in new travel roles.

While acknowledging the decrease in activity levels compared to the previous year, Kolosinska highlighted that it allows more time to focus on each role and find the perfect candidate for each company. She emphasized that salaries continue to rise, presenting many fantastic opportunities for quality applicants in the travel industry.

Barbara Kolosinska, Managing Director of C&M Travel Recruitment, expressed her delight at the increased number of applicants placed in new travel opportunities.

While noting the drop in activity levels compared to the previous year, Kolosinska emphasised that it gives her more time to focus on each post and locate the best applicant for each organisation. She emphasised that earnings are continuing to climb, creating several wonderful chances for qualified people in the tourism business.

Despite the obstacles provided by the pandemic and volatile market circumstances, the tourism sector is seeing promising trends, with hopes for a comeback in the coming months.

The growth in placements and the increase in people actively pursuing travel employment indicate a favourable trend in the labour market, providing promise for the industry’s future. Companies may embrace the chance and recruit the necessary personnel to satisfy the increased demand for travel services as the industry adapts to the changing landscape.

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