Kerala aiming to boost monsoon tourism

 Saturday, July 1, 2023

The government of Kerala is preparing to boost the monsoon tourism of the state across the Middle East to bank on the extremely encouraging market before the summer vacation beginning next month in the Gulf area.

An official from the Kerala tourism division said that a forceful marketing promotion is targeted toward
attracting tourists to ‘God’s Own Country’ throughout July and August when monsoons make Kerala’s
weather agreeable compared to a blazing Middle East during that time. The promotion is predictable to bring in arrival of Arab tourists to the appealing scenery of Kerala, where the calm air creates the vacation
perfect for Ayurveda-based wellness.

The Kerala government has approved Rs. 7 crore to carry on the promotion aiming on airports at Doha and Dubai. Promotional activity is being conducted across the print, visual media and radio in the Gulf.

As an introduction, last month, Kerala Tourism exhibited an extensive variety of produces and themes
in Dubai all through the 30th edition of Arabian Travel Market. It also carried on road shows in Riyadh, Muscat and Dammam. The early-May proceedings strengthened Kerala’s international standing as a
foremost experiential tourism center.

After witnessing a record influx of local tourists, Kerala tourism now aims to sharply increase the number of overseas tourists.

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