Koh Samui witnesses acute water shortage

 Friday, July 7, 2023

Koh Samui, a well-known tourist place in Thailand’s east coast, is suffering from a severe water
insufficiency. Authorities are now working diligently to make sure that the island, popular for its white sandy seashores, scenic temples and beautiful resorts, does not turn into a ‘disaster zone.’

A lot of water reserves, comprising the Phru Na Mueang and Phru Krajud reservoirs along with Hin Lard
cascade, have witnessed a noticeable drop in their water heights, which has additionally aggravated the
disaster in freshwater.

As said by local approximations, there is hardly sufficient water for the coming 30 days. The faucets in
the resorts at the island are also running dry, leading to a dearth of tourists to the island. 

Sutham Samthong, the Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui, has requested everyone to make use of the supplies
sensibly, since a dearth of rainwater and tourism prosperity is adding to the disaster. Mr. Samthong said
that with appropriate supervision, the island’s freshwater source is not adequate for the next two
months, after which rains are foreseen. Mr. Samthong said that they are not self-satisfied. He said that they are striving to resolve the present condition and do not want the regional or higher management to declare that Koh Samui is an adversity zone.

There are also doubts that the island would see even more austere scarcities in the impending months due to the occurrence of El Nino, which normally brings heated settings and limited rain.

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