Korea Tourism Organization launches travel products on K-theme

 Monday, July 10, 2023

On Friday, KTO i.e. Korea Tourism Organization, has revealed forty nine products related to travel and tourism, with the product designs based on K-drama and K-pop themes.

From musical icons to the most popular Korean TV shows- inspirations have been drawn from all Korean entertainment shows while designing these tourism and travel product.

As per the statements from Korea Tourism Organization, these travel products are primarily focused on 51hallyu-themed tourism course, indicating towards the present-day uprising popularity of Korean
popculture, also known as K-wave.

While one product includes a five-day tour plan themed around touring visiting places that are associated with the most popular icons of K-pop: BTS, another product involves travelling to places that became fan
favorites, after they were shown on popular Korean dramas like “About 30 kilometers south of Seoul”,“Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon”, and many more.

Thanks to K-wave and the popularity of Korean songs and shows, viewers across the world, especially the young audiences are now beginning to view South Korea as a popular country, which is the residing place for pop icons such as PSY, BTS and many others.

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