Los Cabos authorities take action to ensure tourist transport safety

 Monday, July 10, 2023

Most tourists to Los Cabos probably seldom take the time to analyze their transportation options while visiting the beach resort destination.

They simply hop in the cab or ride share to their drop-off spot.

However, it’s been top of mind for many local municipal officials the last couple of weeks as they have been working on inspecting the transportation options tourists have when visiting Los Cabos.

Ensuring Visitor Safety

The tourist experience when visiting Los Cabos is critical to the success of the area as a prime resort destination in Mexico.

For the experience to be the best, visitors have to enjoy a seamless experience from the airport to the hotel zone and around town as they experience the amenities.

Recently, a collective team of the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Economy, municipal and state transit officials, and the Mexican National Guard worked together on inspecting transportation companies and options in Los Cabos.

Their primary focus was detecting the behaviors of drivers contrary to what is established in the regulations to provide good service to the tourist industry.

They also worked with the taxi carriers and transportation carriers to provide up-to-date training on how to safely serve visitors to Los Cabos.

Ultimately, the regular inspections and training ensure that the guests to Los Cabos enjoy a positive and safe transportation experience while visiting the beach resort destination.

Providing Tourists Options

Along with visitor safety when using local transportation for their vacation in Los Cabos, the teams also looked into the current routes being used for tourism.

One area that consistently results in complaints from visitors to Los Cabos is the trans-peninsular highway which is the main route to transport tourists from the Los Cabos International Airport to the hotel zone.

Along the route, there are often delays for guests from not only the toll booths set up on the roadway but also traffic from too many vehicles and many times from accidents along the road.

Los Cabos officials have pledged to improve the highway, with support from both state and federal officials, and the construction is ongoing to make the road not only flow better from a traffic perspective but also safer for visitors.

The other issue has traditionally been the number of traffic accidents around the hotel zone and traffic circles in the area.

The municipal police even went as far as to request assistance from the Mexican National Guard to monitor traffic at the circles to reduce the number of roadway accidents.

The state government also recently announced that they plan to take over the control of part of a popular local roadway to reduce the speed limit and reduce the number of accidents.

As part of the process, recommendations were made by the transportation team on how to resolve issues and improve the routes used by tourists.

Better Transportation For Guests

As Los Cabos continues to grow in popularity among international tourists, it is definitely putting a strain on the infrastructure available for tourism in the beach resort community.

The municipal, state, and federal governments have come together to work on resolving the issue and helping tourists have a better transportation experience when they visit Los Cabos.

This last session had them meeting with the core mission of setting up strategies to address the issue and coordinating efforts to resolve it.

With a clear plan in place, the three parties can now come together to not only keep up with the transportation needs of visitors but also hopefully plan ahead for what Los Cabos needs in the future.

As the beach resort destination continues its evolution into a luxury resort destination, this is going to be even more critical for the positive experience visitors have when enjoying a luxury vacation getaway in Los Cabos.

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