Met Office issues heatwave warning to holidaymakers in Spain, Italy or Greece

 Friday, July 14, 2023

People heading to certain areas of Southern Europe over the coming days have been issued an urgent weather warning from the Met Office.

Weather maps show large swathes of red marking locations which have dangerous temperatures as highs of 45C could be seen in parts of Spain, Greece and Italy with at least three people dying due to heat in the latter.

Dubbed ‘Cerberus’ , the heatwave will witness temperatures 10 to 15C higher than average for this time of the year across much of Europe.

Meanwhile, in Prague, temperatures which barely exceed 24C in June are predicted to boil over at 34C by the coming weekend.

North Africa is also set to suffer a plume of extreme heat, with respectively scorching highs of 50C are expected.

The Met Office has already cited that climate change is to blame in a burning analysis on how hot the UK became alone in June.

Italian forecaster predicts that Sardinia and Sicily will experience the bulk of the heat, each reaching 45C this week – while Rome, Florence and Bologna are set to see highs of 40C.

Madrid witnessed 38C temperatures, while forecasters believe that the heat will linger and even expand to 40C in and around the city for the next week.

The UK meanwhile will escape the dangerous climates, although, unsettled conditions are reported for the rest of the week

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