Nepal tourism revival

 Monday, July 3, 2023

In the first half of 2023, Nepal has seen a rebirth in tourism as over 476,000 international tourists rushed to the country. This marked an important revival of 83 percent compared to 2019, as per the Nepal Tourism Board.

The inflow of tourists from abroad had been on a descending trajectory since the pandemic started spreading worldwide in early 2020. But in this trend, this year has seen a hopeful turnaround, showcasing a distinguished tourism rebound.

A total of 536,058 tourists from abroad, in the period between January and June 2019, entered the country. Reasonably, the corresponding period in 2020 saw a rush of 220,815 tourists, in 2021 almost 580,058 tourists and in 2022 around 240,911 tourists came to Nepal.

In Nepal, the number of tourists from abroad coming to the country during the first half of 2023 showed an extraordinary rise of 97.79 percent compared to the same time year before, as it registered a small drop of 16.93 percent when compared to the figures of 2019.

On the monthly invasion of tourists from abroad, NTB provided comprehensive statistics. Around 55,074 visitors arrived in January, followed by February with 73,244 arrivals, 99,426 in the month of March, 98,773 in April, and 77,773 in the month of May. Furthermore, Nepal, in June welcomed 72,250 international tourists.

Particularly, arrivals in June saw 38,845 individuals from India.

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