Now world’s deepest hotel is opened for everyone

 Thursday, July 6, 2023

In the tourism circuit, a new hotel has come up, offering every tarveler an opportunity to slumber at the bottom of a Victorian mine. This hotel on the planet offers the deepest underground bed to enjoy a deep sleep, as per the reports.

Almost 1,375 ft below the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales, this hotel has opened its accommodation facility and is known as Deep Sleep. It has private twin-bed cabins and along with dreamy cave room which has a double bed along with loo and dining facilities, and many more.

The hotel defines itself as an unexplored-camp escapade, which will remain available only one night a week i.e. on Saturday night. Reports have also said that on Saturday evenings at 5 PM, guests’ experience will start at Go Below’s base close to Blaenau Ffestiniog town, from where the guides will assist them to arrive at the hotel.

Into the mountains, guests will require to trek for almost 45 minutes on a route that is vertical at few places but are bounded by picturesque views. Then a cottage, they will stop to ‘kit up’ for their dive with a light, headdress, Wellington boots, and a harness.

The guests then will say adieu to the world outside, and make their way into the depths of the biggest and deepest deserted slate mines of the world.

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