Philippines ad agency apologizes for using stock footage

 Tuesday, July 4, 2023

A Filipino ad agency has recently being severely criticized for a promotional video where they made use of footage of other countries for their country’s latest tourism campaign with the name -Love the Philippines.

The Department of Tourism said that it was looking into the allegations that the video had several shots of other countries than the Philippines, days after the campaign was launched on June 27, 2023.

The department said that on the uniqueness and rights of the materials used in the campaign video, they looked for verification many times and repeatedly assured by the agency that everything was done rightly.

The department had contracted DDB Philippines ad agency to assist the launching of the new campaign, however, Ina Zara-Loyola, DOT public affairs and advocacy director, informed the reporters that the video was not part of the agreement with DDB Philippines, as per the regional affiliate CNN Philippines.
Zara-Loyola said that the DOT did not reimburse, and will not do the same for this material. It can be attributed to the DDB.

DDB Philippines issued a report on Sunday, by saying that it’s immensely apologizing for the extremely unsuitable employment of foreign stock footage which in the video has been taken down since that time.

In this sector, in mood videos, using stock footage is a common practice, the use of foreign stock footage was an unlucky mistake on the part of the agency.

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