Public art is growing in South Georgia

 Saturday, July 15, 2023

Public art is increasing in South Georgia.

Schemes such as the new fresco on Patterson Street and Central Avenue are intended to boost business
again to downtown Valdosta. Frontrunners in the Azalea City are of the opinion that capitalizing in more art could profit businesspersons in the region.

Taylor Shaw is a narrator. His gears are paint, a brush and walls of the city. He’s making use of that canvas to express the story of Valdosta.

Shaw said that it is a cooperative effort between him and the community when he does these ventures.

Shaw got his stimulus from an old postcard. That paper retells him of the unusual side of the Azalea City.
He also takes into account the elements of the area economy.

Shaw explained stuffs like satsumas which are the main export from Valdosta, and they have Coca-Cola
which factually has a great existence.

His work of art is filled with pictures that are native to Valdosta. Less important towns like Valdosta are taking up public art much more with a better determination.

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