Runway issues at Sydney Airport as more flights cancelled

 Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Chaos at Sydney airport has continued amid inclement weather and an influx in travellers over the NSW school holidays, with as many as 200 domestic flights being cancelled over just a few days.

Long queues stretched out the door to the airport’s domestic departures terminal on Tuesday, as airlines including Qantas and Virgin attempted to clear their ‘backlog’.

A knock–on from the weekend’s travel chaos has resulted n fresh delays on Monday and Tuesday alongside crew shortages and poor weather conditions, with as many as 40 flights being scuttled.
A Virgin Australia spokesperson said ‘operational reasons’ were to blame.

At least six outgoing domestic flights had been cancelled since 6 am on Tuesday, according to the Sydney airport website, with flights scuttled to destinations such as Perth, Melbourne, and Orange.

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