San Diego beaches prepare for busy July Fourth weekend

 Saturday, July 1, 2023

The San Diego Tourism Authority says we had 28.8 million people visit last year, spending more than $13 billion dollars.

San Diego’s getting ready for the biggest weekend this year for visitors to our shores and beaches for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

The San Diego Tourism Authority says that they had 28.8 million people visit last year spending more than $13 billion. They’re expecting even more, this year.

James Gartland, Chief Lifeguard for the City of San Diego, says they are ready for the crowds with extra lifeguards, extra police, extra parks and rec, fire department.

Everybody is out to ensure that they have a safe holiday there.

When visitors aren’t playing in the water, another popular spot, La Jolla, offers views of sea lions and its’ pupping season.

But beware and stay back. It’s illegal to get too close to the sea lions.

There’s also a possible incoming red tide means the sea lions might be sick.

John Warner with the Marine Mammal Care Center says that at this point anyone going to the beach in Southern California will see a sea lion in a state that they don’t usually see.

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