Sandiaga Uno to build tourism creative center in Lake Toba

 Thursday, July 20, 2023

Sandiaga Uno, tourism minister, Indonesia, opened the construction project of the Tourism Creativity Center in Lake Toba Regency in North Sumatra. By 2024, it is hoped to attain the target of generating 4.4 million new job opportunities.

Next to the Toba Regent’s Office on Sutomo Pagar Batu Street, it will be opened. Sandiaga said that this year, Toba Regency gets a special allocation financial support. On July 21 st , this construction project will start and they expect that it will get completed in 2023.

Tourism Creativity Center will eventually turn into a center and an exhibition place of creative economy products. The government fulfills the demand of the locals. It is constructed by using a special allocation fund immediately which they expect will be all set when the 2024 F1 Power Boat comes by and made use as a display for creative economy products.

Sandiaga expected that by 2024, PKDP can give around 15-20 percent of the objective of 4.4 million job creations and fortify the ecosystem of Lake Toba.

For other sub-sectors, they hope that it will be a locomotive so that Lake Toba as a hugely important place in Toba Regency as it will be able to create business opportunities in the right manner.

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