Saudi Tourism Minister eager to bring domestic tourism to the forefront

 Sunday, July 30, 2023

During his recent visit to the southern Asir area, Saudi Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb experienced the exquisite pleasure of rowing a boat in a lake; the video of which became an instant success on social media.

Al-Khateeb rowed a rowing boat at Tanumah Asir’s Wadi Traj Dam Lake. The minister rowed the boat on the lake, accompanied by Deputy Minister of Tourism Princess Haifa bint Muhammad and another official.

The minister’s photos of Asir’s picturesque countryside went viral on social media. Many Twitteratis and other social media users applauded the minister’s novel experiment, saying it would motivate many people to explore the gorgeous regions of Asir and enjoy the pleasure of kayaking in Wadi Traj Dam Lake.

“This visit reflects the promotion of local tourism with opening new avenues for domestic tourism in the Kingdom,” some of them commented.

Throughout the journey, the minister talked with several young people from the region who greeted him from the boats in which they were rowing. He wished them the best of luck and pleasure on their vacation.
Referring to the huge tourism potential of the region, Al-Khateeb said, “These sites have a promising future, and they deserve development.

In tweets over the posted photos, he said, “During my trip to Asir, I visited Tanumah to explore the experience of rowing boats in Wadi Traj Dam Lake, a new experience in a lake that has a promising future, worthy of development.”

Al-Khateeb expressed his delight at some of the Asir Summer season’s activities, which included active involvement from the business sector, particularly in Rehab, Medhal, and Sayir.

The minister’s experience operating a rowing boat was more than simply a fun activity; it also reflected the government’s enthusiasm and eagerness to promote domestic tourism and explore the Kingdom’s magnificent tourist spots.

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