Savannah tourism can exceed the numbers of 2022

 Tuesday, July 25, 2023

In Savannah, occupancy rates in hotels is currently going through a quiet period however, in general the tourism economy could surpass the record levels of 2022.

Visit Savannah’s President and the owner of Ardsley Station, Joe Marinelli, explained exactly what this signifies for their businesses.

They helped us appreciate what’s at the back when it comes to this growth, along with what makes Savannah so special.

Joe also explained that one of the most important steps they use is in the area, what occupancy rates are for the hotels. Even though last year was the most powerful year in terms of hotel occupancy rates, Marinelli stated that the numbers for this year are actually surpassing 2022 level.

Savannah’s hotels in 2022 had a 70% occupancy level. In 2023, so far, it is 73%.

Savannah is popular as the hostess city and, appropriately, the hospitality industry is thriving there.

The owner of Ardsley Station, Tyler Kopkas, which is a restaurant in the Starland District explains that this standing is well-earned.

Kopkas said that he thinks that a lot of it has to do with the town’s historic importance but also the rising food and beverage landscape and other organizations that improve the neighborhood culture.

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