SITA Flex APIs: Revolutionising aviation technology for enhanced passenger services

 Monday, July 17, 2023

The exponential growth of airline passenger numbers worldwide has put significant pressure on airlines and airports to respond swiftly and effectively. In this dynamic landscape, SITA Flex APIs have emerged as state-of-the-art technologies that are revolutionising aviation technology and enabling airlines to deliver exceptional services to passengers.

Creating customised features

By leveraging SITA Flex APIs, airlines can create customized and innovative passenger processing features, streamline their app development processes, and scale rapidly, unlike ever before. This groundbreaking technology eliminates the need for lengthy and costly certification processes through common-use providers, allowing airlines the freedom to deploy their applications as and when they desire.

Next Generation Common Use Platform

SITA Flex is a next-generation common-use platform that seamlessly transitions airlines and airports into mobile passenger service and workforce solutions, both on and off-airport, while maintaining compatibility with conventional common-use systems.

This platform is particularly advantageous for those looking to digitize their passengers’ journeys with mobile solutions or develop new applications. By adopting SITA Flex, airlines can significantly reduce costs, generate additional revenue streams, and adapt to the ever-changing environment of the industry.

The platform supports the development of native applications and facilitates the transition to mobile and touchless passenger service applications, enabling passengers to use their smart devices to interact with key touchpoints within the airport. This reduces the need for physical airport furniture and aligns with the evolving expectations and preferences of passengers.

Advantages of SITA Flex

One of the key advantages of SITA Flex is its long-standing partnership with Microsoft, leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure. This collaboration allows users to harness the full benefits of cloud computing without the constraints of traditional common-use environments. With SITA Flex, airline staff can operate completely mobile, untethered from fixed points in the airport. They can utilize their airline’s applications on mobile devices anywhere, enabling them to check-in passengers in remote locations or quickly launch agent-roaming services to manage traffic peaks and irregular operations. This flexibility empowers airlines to efficiently manage rapid changes in the airport environment without compromising the passenger experience.

Partnership with Malaysia Airlines

SITA’s successful partnership with Malaysia Airlines serves as a testament to the effectiveness of SITA Flex. The airline has renewed its partnership with SITA for a comprehensive upgrade that will connect its global operations to its hub in Kuala Lumpur using fast, secure, and reliable network connectivity. Through SITA Connect, specifically designed for the air transport industry, Malaysia Airlines will enjoy lower connectivity costs, improved service quality, access to new features and applications, and enhanced check-in processes worldwide. The global presence of SITA across 650 airports in 220 countries and territories ensures that Malaysia Airlines benefits from a vast network of connectivity and support.

SITA Connect

SITA Connect helps organizations with multiple locations by offering flexible IP bandwidth, integrated internet services, and access to cloud applications. By deploying software-defined networking (SDN), SITA is at the forefront of next-generation network services. With SITA’s Airport Hub, a shared and pre-connected platform deployed in 600 airports, airlines, ground handlers, and maintenance companies can access reliable, flexible, and cost-effective communication services.



Sustainability is a key focus for SITA, as evidenced by their recent $400 million sustainability-linked revolving credit facility. This facility supports SITA’s general business needs and allows the company to develop innovative solutions and strategies to address the challenges faced by the air transport industry today and in the future. The facility is directly linked to pre-agreed environmental key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets, with the interest margin being adjusted based on SITA’s performance. SITA has made significant efforts to reduce emissions and achieved CarbonNeutral status in 2021. The company is committed to setting science-based targets aligned with the Paris Agreement’s net-zero and 1.5-degree Celsius scenarios, with external audits to ensure accountability.

Société Générale and Crédit Industriel et Commercial are acting as joint coordinators and book-runners for SITA’s credit facility, with other prominent banks participating as mandated lead arrangers and arrangers. The participation of additional banks underscores investor confidence in SITA’s technology and its commitment to sustainability.

SITA Flex APIs are transforming aviation technology, empowering airlines and airports to provide enhanced services to passengers. The platform’s flexibility, compatibility with mobile solutions, and seamless integration capabilities enable airlines to scale rapidly and deliver personalized and efficient experiences to their customers. Through its partnerships and sustainable initiatives, SITA demonstrates its commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the air transport industry.

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