Startup company Twelve will turn CO2 into sustainable jet fuel

 Monday, July 24, 2023

The startup Twelve made its first batch of lower–emissions jet fuel at its lab in Berkeley, California, nearly two years ago. Using electricity, water, and carbon dioxide, the company set out to make a synthetic fuel that could replace fossil–based kerosene and, ideally, reduce the outsize greenhouse gas emissions that come from flying airplanes.

Now, Twelve is ramping up to make significantly higher volumes of its ‘E –Jet’ fuel. Last week, the eight – year old startup broke ground on a commercial – scale facility in Moses Lake, Washington on a commercial – scale facility in Moses Lake, Washington, on the site of a former sugar – beet mill.

Once up and running by mid–2024, the facility will be the first of its kind in the country to make alternative jet fuel from CO2 and grid power.

Ram Ramprasad, the company’s chief commercial officer stated that Alaska Airlines, Microsoft, and Shopify have agreed to buy millions of dollars worth of E- Jet from the new plant. Twelve expects to churn out some 40,000 gallons of fuel per year before quickly expanding its production – potentially by them much as tenfold within the first year of operation.

Image Credit: Canary Media

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