Tourism in Fiji means big business

 Tuesday, July 4, 2023

All tourism sector stakeholders would require to work stiffer with Fiji now at a competitive standard with other nations depending profoundly on the tourism division.

Fantasha Lockington, the Chief Executive of Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association, said that the sector has come a long way after the pandemic. However, the struggle is getting tougher.

Lockington said that Fiji has once again affirmed its position as one of the best options when it comes to
vacations. However, they cannot become satisfied.

Lockington added that it is important to keep working on the point variances. How is it possible to ensure that they have the competitive advantage going? Hence, it would be the trial in the future not only for tourism but for every business and industry. Thus, the budget helps back the sureness that things can be done.

The Fiji Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation received a sum of $52.3m according to the new financial plan. Lockington said that the stakeholders would be happy that the administration has not burdened them with extra levies in the financial plan.

Tourism is a very yielding sector as said by the tax people. They do what they are thought to do. However, to be fair, it needs to be made certain that if you bring in taxes, you are getting the backing to do further
business to pay more levies.”

Fiji has also made provisions for tourism-related expansion in Vanua Levu.

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