Tourism Summit to be held in Laurel in September

 Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Standup Rural America Summit will be held in the city of Laurel. The conference is scheduled to take place from September 5 to September 7.

According to officials, the conference, which rotates from location to location each year, attracts roughly 200 individuals from throughout the region.

The lectures are intended to focus on subjects such as rural tourism and small-town revitalization. The summit is expected to feature more than 16 keynote speakers.

“There will be people coming in from a lot of communities our size or a little bigger just to share information.,” said George Bassi, Laurel-Jones County Tourism Committee chairman.

“There will be keynote speakers, workshops. So, it’s a great opportunity not just for us locally, from a tourism standpoint to listen, but really an opportunity to show Laurel off to hundreds of other communities around the region and get their feedback as well on kind of what they see and like about us.”

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