Tourists are rushing to European hotspots

 Friday, July 14, 2023

In Athens, capital of Greece, tourists are waiting for over two hours to visit the Acropolis. At Rome’s main train station, taxi lines are running long. And in Venice even on weekdays, numerous visitors are congregating around St. Mark’s Square in such a way that the huge rush of tourists gets backed up crossing bridges.

Tourism is hoped to surpass 2019 records after experiencing three years of pandemic restrictions, in some of the most popular destinations in Europe in summer 2023, from Rome, Barcelona, Athens and Venice to the picturesque islands of Greece – Santorini, Italy’s – Capri and Spain’s – Mallorca.

As European tourists are the main providers of the industry toward revival in 2022, the upswing in the summer of 2023 has been majorly done by the Americans, enhanced by powerful dollar and in few cases pandemic savings. By revenge tourism, many turn up quite motivated, eager to discover once again that they’re fearless by high air and hotel costs.

This week, a 25 year old tourist, Lauren Gonzalez, landed in Rome with four high school friends. They are here for a 16-days fun and frolic through Florence after three years of U.S. vacations. They are not worried about the high costs and the rush of people.

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