TTC Line 3 train derails in Scarborough

 Tuesday, July 25, 2023

During rush hour on Monday evening, a TTC Line 3 train was involved in a major incident in Scarborough, causing it to split and derail off the rails.

The incident occurred at Kennedy Road and Ellesmere Road, and several passengers were treated for injuries. According to Deputy Fire Chief Jim Jessop, five people were sent to the hospital for evaluation, with minor injuries.

According to a TTC representative, the incident occurred after the train’s back car on Line 3 became detached from the remainder of the train. The train’s 44 passengers were evacuated as a result of the crisis. Rick Leary, the TTC’s CEO, apologised to all impacted and vowed an immediate investigation to establish the source of the event. Safety is still the number one concern, and Line 3 Scarborough will continue to run using shuttle buses until train service can be restarted safely.

The TTC stopped service between Kennedy and McCowan stations while the Ellesmere station was closed for investigation. During the disturbance, shuttle buses were sent to help passengers.

Line 3 Scarborough, a 6.4-kilometer intermediate capacity rapid transit line with six stations that started in 1985, presently has trains that are 10 years old. The line will be decommissioned in November and replaced by buses until the Province of Ontario completes the Scarborough Subway Extension in 2030. As the inquiry continues, more information about the occurrence will be made available to the public.

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