TTF in Kolkata organizes roadshow for Rajasthan tourism

 Tuesday, July 18, 2023

On the second day of its positive show, The Travel And Tourism Fair (TTF) this year in Kolkata organized a Roadshow in support of Rajasthan Tourism for the purchasers and vendors who took part in the fair from all over the world. The Deputy Director of Rajasthan Tourism, Shri Vikas Pandya, shared his cherished visions regarding the opulent history of Rajasthan and also gave an improved performance in the best interests of the Rajasthan administration.

The performance displayed profoundly regarding the places of interest for the travelers. It also emphasized regarding the new investment policy presented by the government of Rajasthan which is quite stirring for the financiers to fund in the travel and tourism trade of Rajasthan. The 3-day event in Kolkata ended on 16th July this year.

On 16th July, the Travel And Tourism Fair in Kolkata would be having the farewell and prize formality to
recognize the contributors and promoters related with them.

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