Turkey suffering from nationwide heatwave and wildfire

 Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Several regions in Turkey, including Hatay, Mersin, and Çanakkale, are currently grappling with devastating wildfires. The fires, fueled by a prevailing heatwave, pose a significant risk as they continue to spread rapidly.

In Hatay’s Belen district, the fire originated from individuals attempting to clear reeds in their garden, leading to the evacuation of nearby neighborhoods. Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya and Agriculture and Forestry Minister Ibrahim Yumaklı visited the affected areas to assess the situation and provide support. Efforts are underway to combat the fires through aerial and ground interventions involving hundreds of personnel from various agencies.

 In Mersin’s Gülnar district, another fire broke out and expanded to neighboring areas, prompting the evacuation of homes. Additionally, a separate forest fire erupted in Çanakkale, with attempts to control it lasting over 20 hours.

The country’s high temperatures and low humidity increase the risk of fires, and citizens are urged to exercise caution. Authorities have initiated investigations into the causes of these fires, leading to the identification and apprehension of several suspects. The situation remains challenging, but progress is being made in controlling the fires in some regions.

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