Typhoon Doksuri approaching Northern Philippines

 Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Typhoon Doksuri is fast reaching the Northern Philippines, bringing heavy rainfall and tidal surges of up to 3 metres (almost 10 feet). Although the storm’s centre is anticipated to linger offshore, outlying islands may still be impacted. Because to the typhoon’s 680-kilometer-wide rainband, the country’s meteorology agency has warned of probable flash floods and landslides in the country’s northern regions.

Doksuri was situated 310 kilometres east of Tuguegarao city in Cagayan province as of the most recent report, with sustained winds of 185 kilometres per hour and gusts of up to 230 kilometres per hour. The typhoon is travelling northwest and is expected to hit China later this week.

Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba has ceased work in the province to allow inhabitants to prepare for the oncoming storm and has ordered the evacuation of thousands of people in 11 coastal towns as a precautionary measure. The biggest fear is the possibility of storm surges, with weather forecasters warning that tidal surges might exceed 3 metres in height.

Tuguegarao City Mayor Maila Ting-Que has warned residents to be cautious and has implemented a liquor prohibition to safeguard public safety during the storm. Fishing is restricted, and inter-island ferry services, as well as several passenger and freight vessels, have been halted, stranding roughly 10,000 people and truck drivers in various ports.

In Taiwan, a portion of the annual Han Kuang military exercises have been cancelled due to the impending typhoon.

The authorities are closely watching the typhoon’s path and strength, taking precautions to safeguard residents and limit damage. Residents in the impacted regions are asked to remain up to date on the latest weather warnings and obey evacuation instructions for their own safety.

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