US tourists likely to fuel revival of numerous European destinations

 Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The European Travel Commission (ETC) has published its “European Tourism: Trends & Prospects” report for the second quarter of 2023, which provides a detailed overview of the region’s most recent tourism and macroeconomic trends.

This summer, US tourists taking advantage of favourable exchange rates are likely to fuel the revival of numerous European destinations.

According to the most current statistics, 52% of reported sites had topped pre-pandemic levels of US visitor arrivals this year. With ongoing high prices and the threat of a recession weighing on American consumers, visitors’ choice of European destination will be influenced by affordability.

Southern Mediterranean locations such as Portugal (+79%), Turkey (+78%), and Montenegro (+43%) have seen significant rise in US arrivals.

In Eastern Europe, Latvia (+135% increase) and Poland (+51%) saw considerable increases in US immigrants.

In the case of Latvia, the significant gains may be attributed to visiting friends and relatives from the Latvian diaspora living outside Europe, while journalists reporting on Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, as well as an inflow of volunteers and military personnel, may have contributed to Poland’s performance.

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